Christof Weidl

Freelance Consultant

Christof Weidl supports _MEDIATE as a freelance consultant with his experience and knowledge in the areas of digital transformation and change management since recently. He is particular fond of transforming the German Mittelstand.

He knows the challenges that accompany the changes brought about by digitization from his own experience. At Commerzbank AG, for many years, he has accompanied a wide variety of companies and their business models, from large corporations to start-ups, and passed on and deepened this knowledge in his four-year consulting work at LPA (Lucht Probst Associates).

In the last two years before being self-employed, he helped to build #openspace (a subsidiary of Commerzbank) as an authorized signatory and established it as a consultancy for digital transformation with successful client projects.

Together with _MEDIATE, he wants to make it easier for companies to master the cultural change and to accelerate and consolidate innovation in the company.