Increase digital revenue & co-utilize innovative technologies and operations – with low financial effort

Teaming up with digital companies is a financially low risk way to speed up the digital transformation of your business. It will contribute to digital revenue, give your employees important expertise and insights and also bring innovative technology directly to your business.

However, it is never easy for established companies to have a full overview of all appealing digital businesses and technology providers. At _MEDIATE we use our vast network of contacts and clients to provide you with an overview of the relevant markets and give you insights into the most interesting companies. We are also often retained by industry associations to draw up written analyses of attractive start-ups in a sector for their members.

Should you choose to cooperate with young businesses as part of your digital transformation, we work with you throughout every stage of the process: from scouting the right companies through negotiating contracts, right up to implementing the touch points of this cooperation.


For media companies, a special way to cooperate with digital B2C companies is through “Media for Revenue Share”. In this context, rather than advertising space being offered for a fixed fee, it is exchanged for a share in the revenue generated by a campaign.
Many established media companies such as ProSiebenSat. 1, Plakatunion, Ströer and Wall have adopted “Media for Revenue Share” business models, many of them with our support.