New digital business models - from conception to implementation.

Increasing your digital revenue & skills as well as the willingness for digitization within your organization

When you carry out the digital transformation of your company with the means of Intrapreneurship, it often leads to fundamental changes to the core of your business: Not only will you generate new digital revenue, but the digital competence of your existing employees – as well as your systems and processes – will become more digital than ever before.

Example project packages that can kick-start your core’s digital transformation include:


Feedback from our clients has shown that a business with negligible increases in digital revenue is often because employees lack digital know-how or change motivation. To support your business and team in these capacities, we have developed the Digital Boost. The USP of the Digital Boost is that it takes place holistically on three levels: Product Development, transfer of digital know-how and Change Management:

We identify relevant new digital products and business models and then accompany you as you work through every phase of the product development, right up to the implementation. During this process we make use of classic Design Thinking approaches, as well as innovative start up methods for digital product development such as Lean Start-Up and Test-Measure-Learn. We also apply the most up to date knowledge of UI / UX design. In addition, we teach your employees the necessary digital competence and compliment this by carrying out Change Management initiatives that are tailored to your organization. This is what we call the Digital Boost, so your organization gains the tools and expertise to ‘go digital’ itself.

By the way: When implementing digital products –especially programming or market launch – we collaborate with our trusted and experienced network of partners to ensure that you receive everything you need from a single source.



In our “Value Innovation Workshops” we begin by working closely with clients to gain an common understanding – across all departments – of the key assets and competences of the business. From these insights, we jointly identify and develop new business models or products. From our experience, in these workshops you will discover between 10 and 15 viable starting points for generating new sources of revenue for your business.

This method has been put into practice and proven to work by some of the world’s biggest corporations:

  • Amazon developed its new B2B business model “Amazon Web Services” based on the existing value creation structure in its B2C business (primarily the servers). The revenue resulting from this Value Innovation now amounts to over $5 billion.
  • IKEA utilised their existing knowledge of channeling shopperseffectively through stores to establish their successful business field of building and operating shopping malls. This contributes to half on the company’s profits in some countries.


If you prefer a more fundamental approach, we work with you to jointly develop a digital strategy for your company. Alternatively, we can sharpen and update your existing strategy. For both, we take the latest market developments and match them up against the current state of your business. From our findings we derive possible development routes for you and evaluate the different options that are within your means, while always maintaining a close eye on the immediate next steps of implementation.


No digital strategy can be successfully implemented if the core processes and systems of the business do not allow it. Therefore we can partner with you to analyze the capabilities of your processes and systems, and – where necessary – find more modern systems that map these requirements before defining the most efficient processes for you. We can achieve this with the full support of the systems specialists in our network.