New digital revenue & immediate, deep insights into digital forms – in exchange for investing money and/or media

As more and more challenges emerge for established companies, the global start-up scene will continue to garner more interest. Investment in start-ups can significantly boost digital revenue, as examples such as Axel Springer and ProSiebenSat.1 prove.

Before approaching start-ups, it is crucial to consider several key issues:

  • What are my end goals when I connect with start-ups?
  • What should my potential business partner look like?
  • What is the best type of relationship? Do I need to invest or would a simple cooperation be sufficient?
  • Can I implement my plans within the confines of my current corporate structure and culture? Or how can I achieve then in a different way?

At _MEDIATE we are determined to assist you in finding precise answers to these questions by offering our expert knowledge of small and medium sized digital businesses. We will accompany you throughout the whole journey to achieve your goals: from identifying the targets that perfectly match, through the management of the entire Due Diligence Process (also conducting Commercial Due Diligence) negotiation and drafting of the contracts until the final completion of the execution phase when we carry out the investment with you.

In this context, we can refer to our extensive experience of more than 50 successful M&A transactions, gained across different law firms and strategy consultancy, as well as the M&A department of Axel Springer.





Media companies often have unsold advertising space, and these organizations are always looking to acquire more customer groups and create attractive proposals for smaller clients. With this in mind, it can make sense to offer advertising space in exchange for equity (Media for Equity).

At _MEDIATE we have played a key role in a number of Media for Equity/Media for Revenue Share programs. For example, we supported ProSiebenSat.1 in funding the predecessor business of now 7Ventures, which has by now an annual revenue of close to €500 million.

At_ MEDIATE we even conduct business in this field: Our founder Prof. Dr. Katja Nettesheim is a co-founder of the first ever German Media for Equity Fund, as well as the fund operator Raffay Media Ventures – a success story since 2011.